Help ensure carers are properly recognised in the Health and Care Bill

7th October 21

Young Carers National Voice logoWe need your help. Young carers have been left out of the recent Health and Care Bill which is currently making its way through Parliament. We also want to ensure all carers are fully recognised by the Bill so that they are properly identified and supported as early as possible in their caring journey.

Alongside Carers UK and Carers Trust, we are very worried by this.

Not only do carers including young carers deserve to be properly recognised for the important support they provide, but the aims for integration between health and social care systems can only work if all carers including young carers are visible, recognised and counted as part of the NHS.

The NHS depends heavily on carers supporting their loved ones and it is essential they are acknowledged and supported in this Bill.

This is when you come in. We need you to write to your local MP and tell them how important it is that young carers are included and that the importance of all carers is properly acknowledged.

We as Caring Together are a member of Young Carers National Voice Network a group of organisations committed to championing the voices and experiences of young carers.

To help with asking for young carers to be included in the Bill the Young Carers National Voice Network have created a template you can use.

You can download the template by clicking here [Word, 50kB]