Staff training

Staff training

Caring Together works with our own award winning in-house trainer and a team of trusted training providers to deliver all mandatory training for our Care Workers.

Our Care Workers attend a tailored Induction programme and undertake shadowing with other experienced members of staff before delivering care alone. In addition we offer a range of enhanced training to support workers working with specific disability and client focused needs.

The Induction is structured according to the requirements of the Skills for Care Common Induction Standards or the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) Induction (for staff who work with children), as many of our staff work with both adults and children.

Care Workers also shadow experienced members of the care staff in supporting individuals who have a wide range of support needs. During this period, feedback on the new Care Worker’s progress is sought from their mentor and from service users and the appropriate support given to them by their assigned Line Manager. Shadowing allows a controlled and observed opportunity for knowledge and skills gained during the first week of the Induction to be put into practice.

All Care Workers are supported to complete NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care.

Management staff are supported to undertake diplomas and degrees in Health and Social Care as well as other professional qualifications to provide the expertise required to run an effective business. NVQ Level 3, certificates and diplomas in Health and Social Care are also open to those Care Workers who express the ambition to develop their careers within the organisation.

Page last modified: 26 October 2020