Carer voice and involvement

Carer voice and involvement

Carer voice and involvementAt Caring Together, we believe that carers really are the experts when it comes to issues affecting them and those they care for, and so we are committed they should be at the heart of all that we do.

One of our core values is that everything we do is based on what carers are saying will make the greatest difference for them and the people they care for.

Similarly, people who have been carers have got invaluable insight into what works, but also what doesn’t work.

Therefore, it is essential that carers can see how their voices influence not only our work across the organisation, but also the work of other organisations.

We are committed to learning from the experiences and insight of former carers when their caring role comes to an end. In addition to the benefit they bring to our work, we believe it can also be beneficial for the former carer.

Zoom meeting with carers and Duncan Baker MPIn this section of our website you can find out more about our carer voice and involvement work, including our carer council, and our carer voice and involvement plan.

Carer council

At Caring Together, we believe you, as carers, are the experts when it comes to issues affecting you and those you care for. We are committed to carers being at the heart of all that we do.

The carer council has been created to ensure the voice of carers is heard throughout Caring Together – click here to find out more.

Other ways you can have your say

Be told about carer voice and involvement opportunities at Caring Together.

Carer voice and involvement opportunities throughout our organisation

Through the workshops with carers and employees, we have identified four areas of our work where the voice of carers is key.

Carer voice and involvement plan

Chief Nursing Officer Ruth May visits Ely hubThis carer voice and involvement plan is designed to:

  • Set out our approach to promoting the voices of carers.
  • Make it clear to carers how they can get involved in all aspects of our work and throughout their caring journey.
  • Give an overview of the work being done by the organisation to promote the voices and involvement of carers as experts by experience.
  • Highlight examples of the ways in which we involve carers.

This plan was produced by the steering group which was then shared with carers, former carers and organisations who support carers more widely so as to ensure as many carers as possible were able to be involved in this work, and also to help us choose how we will measure how well we are doing.

Please click here to download a full copy of our carer voice and involvement plan [PDF, 3MB]

We hope this plan makes it clear how carers can ensure their voices are heard, and we want to thank the carers, staff and volunteers who have contributed to the development of this plan.

Thank you

Thank you to all of the carers who gave up their time and shared their experiences in the development of our carer voice and involvement plan. We would also like to say thank you in advance to carers who decide to volunteer their time moving forwards to work with us to grow our carer voice and involvement work – we are really grateful for your involvement, expertise and experience.

Page last modified: 13 December 2022