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Make a donation

Your donation will improve the lives of unpaid family carers

Gladys was looking after her parents and was at the end of her tether. No one else could help. We stepped in by funding a short break so she could recharge her batteries.

Jake is 9. He looks after his mum. He receives support from our young carers project in Huntingdonshire. This allows him the space to be a child and take a break. Help us to continue helping him.

Your donation can make a real difference to someone’s life.

You can make a single donation below – any amount will help. If you’d like to donate a monthly gift, that would make a huge difference.

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Your gift could help directly in the following ways:

  • £15 could give a young carer precious time for themselves to relax with others who understand, while taking part in activities ranging from crafts to sport.
  • £20 could go towards palliative care to help the whole family be as normal as possible in a difficult situation – often social services will not be able to respond quickly enough in these situations.
  • £50 could go towards running a group for carers to reduce social isolation and help them know what help is available.
  • £100 could give peace of mind to an anxious carer by going towards a series of counselling sessions.

Don’t forget to Gift Aid it! If you are a taxpayer, your gift is worth 25% more at no extra cost to you. For example, a £20 donation to us would be worth £25.

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What you said

  • Before the support from STRIVE, I felt so lost and alone. Battling with Anxiety and Depression myself as well as caring for a loved one at the same time proved to be really hard. Since getting the support from STRIVE, I have made dramatic progress in a short space of time! Through the support on offer I went and saw my GP and got help. Knowing that someone is always there to listen and not judge me really took me to a brighter place and now I’m holding a full-time job and I can leave the house without the fear of being judged or attacked for being me. I am #proudtobe a young carer! Thank you Carers Trust Cambridgeshire for ALL the support over the last year, you have changed my life!

    Young Adult Carer, 19