Young carers’ transition to secondary school

Young carers and young adult carers bowlingFor young carers the move to secondary school can be a particularly challenging time.

We have produced a resource that young carers can fill in, working with a teacher or member of the support team, so that their situation and needs are understood as they make the move to secondary school.

This pack ensures that helpful and important information on the young person is recorded and not lost when they move up. This means that young carers don’t have to tell their story repeatedly.

This document was co-produced with young carers to ensure the relevant information is passed over to their next school setting. They can record as much or as little information as they feel comfortable with.

You can download the pack below to help young carers and the staff they come into contact with make this transition to secondary school smoother.

Caring Together Year 6 young carer transitions booklet [PDF, 185kB]