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Planning for an emergency – have peace of mind

If you are caring for a family member or friend, knowing you already have a plan for how you will manage in an emergency can help alleviate unnecessary stress. Caring Together can support you with a What If? Plan for if something happens to you. This covers situations when you are unable to look after […]


Your views on out of hours support for carers are needed

The National NHS Commitment to Carers Team, and the East of England Carers Lead are inviting you or to be part of a workshop to explore what carers consider good out-of-hours support / contingency planning guidance to be. If you look after a family member or friend, they would like to invite you to a […]


Guide to Peterborough City Hospital for carers

If you are a carer knowing what to expect, and the support available to you and the person you look after, if they go into hospital can be very valuable. Peterborough City Hospital have a range of sources of information for carers. For Carers Rights Day on Thursday 26 November they have also produced a […]