Guide to Peterborough City Hospital for carers

17th November 20

Peterborough City Hospital entranceIf you are a carer knowing what to expect, and the support available to you and the person you look after, if they go into hospital can be very valuable.

Peterborough City Hospital have a range of sources of information for carers. For Carers Rights Day on Thursday 26 November they have also produced a video to talk you through what you can expect if you look after a family member or friend who goes into the hospital, and emphasising the value of you making yourself know to staff as a carer.

The video covers what will happen, and how you can make yourself known as a carer, from the moment they are taken into the hospital, through to your involvement in them being discharged. It also talks about how carers can and should make staff aware they are a carer if they themselves have to go into hospital. It highlights the benefits of having an emergency plan, including a What If? plan.

Staff at the hospital run by North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust recognise the important role carers play and the value of them being involved in the care for the person they look after.