How you can support young carers

How you can support young carers

“We just want to feel seen and understood”

Young Carers at water park

Small steps can make a huge impact on the lives of young carers.

There are simple ways you can help young carers be seen and understood:

Share social media iconShare the message – Let more people know what it is like to be a young carer simply by sharing social media posts on Facebook or Instagram.

Poster iconPut it up – Could you put up a young carer poster in a school, community venue, GP surgery, clinic or hospital you work in, at your library or in your shop window?

Listen iconTake a moment to understand more about what it is like to be a young carer, including ways to give support and how you can be a good friend to a young carer.

Bake saleHelp us to support more young carers – whether you want to organise a cake bake or prefer to make a donation you will be making a difference.

Sign up iconStay informed – sign up to stay updated with our email newsletters giving you essential information for carers of all ages.

CFTA red tickEnsure young carers are recognised and supported – Our Carer Friendly Tick Award helps organisations show they are recognising and supporting carers where they are.

You can click here to see more about the support we at Caring Together have for young carers.

And click here to hear more about why young carers say your support matters to them.

Page last modified: 26 February 2024