Young carers poster

“Young carers want what any other young person wants. We just need a different kind of support to get there.”

Young carers have told us how important it is that they are recognised and supported. Many children and young people who are caring for someone do not even realise they are a young carer themselves.

By simply putting up a young carers poster you could help a child or young person get help that is essential for them.

Thank you to all of the children and young people who told us what they wanted to see on a poster. You can email  [email protected] to request the posters you need (please tell us how many you want, and it is helpful for us to know how/where they will be used).

Or you can download a poster below.

Young carer poster primary-age Young carer poster secondary-age
Download the primary-age young carer poster [PDF, 484 kB] Download the secondary-age young carer poster [PDF, 401 kB]