Spread kindness with Random Acts of Kindness Day

20th January 22

Random Acts of KindnessIn the lead up to Random Acts of Kindness Day on Thursday 17 February, we are asking you to take action and carry out a random act of kindness to someone looking after a family member or friend, or a care worker.

You may know a neighbour, friend or family member who is looking after a family member or friend. Or maybe they have recently lost the person they care for and a random act of kindness will show you are thinking about them during this time.

And care workers make a huge contribution to the lives of many families, including through the particularly challenging time of the COVID pandemic.

If you don’t know of a carer or a care worker please do choose anyone else to show kindness to. It’s so important that we take time out to put a smile on anyone’s face and make them feel special. The more caring our communities are the better it is for all of us!

And with three in five of us becoming a carer at some point in our lives, you may well be helping someone who is or was a carer without you knowing it.

Research shows that helping others is not only good for your own mental and physical health, but it also helps protects and sustain good mental health for all.

Help spread the kindness

We are inviting you to join us in this fun way of showing random acts of kindness in the build up to Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February.

Simply click the random number generator button, find the corresponding act of kindness in our list below, and complete it at any time between now and the end of the week of Random Acts of Kindness DayAlternatively, pick any act of kindness to carry out or come up with your own!

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Random Acts of Kindness

Show your kindness to a carer, a care worker or someone else in any of these ways:

  1. Send a card to someone letting them know they are doing an amazing job.
  2. Grab a takeaway coffee and cake and drop them around to someone.
  3. Say hello and smile at someone.
  4. Support carers by donating to Caring Together.
  5. Sign up to volunteer with Caring Together.
  6. Offer to pick up shopping or a prescription for someone.
  7. Give someone a hug.
  8. Tell someone why you value them.
  9. Ask someone if you can do anything that would be useful or helpful for them.
  10. Ask someone how they are, at a time when you are able to really listen to them.
  11. Offer to help someone with housework or a job they have to do.
  12. Send text or message letting someone know you are thinking about them.
  13. Ask someone if they want to go for a walk or meet for a coffee.
  14. Remind someone of something kind or helpful they did for you.
  15. Give someone a gift voucher for a café or shop you know they use with a note inviting them to take a break and relax.
  16. Take 5 minutes to write a letter or card and put a stamp on it and post it to someone who isn’t expecting it.
  17. Ask an elderly person about their past, ensuring you listen and learn.

Sharing is caring! We want to hear and see your #Randomactsofkindness

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