How do unpaid carers engage with information on health?

27th November 23

Cancer Research UK is looking to understand how unpaid carers engage with health information for those they care for, to help reduce their risk of cancer and get an earlier cancer diagnosis.

They are holding focus groups to explore if and how unpaid carers find and use relevant health information and whether further resources are needed. They will also look at the role you play, as a carer, to help people to make positive steps about their health.

Below is a description of what they are classing as health information and what counts as a paid or unpaid carer.

Focus group attendees will also be asked to complete a 5-minute survey before the session to help us understand existing cancer awareness knowledge.

Cancer Research UK are looking for people who: 

  • Are paid or unpaid carers
  • Care for someone with a learning disability or someone who needs help accessing and understanding information about their health (this includes if you care for someone with cancer provided you were already caring for them before their diagnosis)
  • Preferably care for someone aged 50 – 75, though they will consider carers who support anyone aged 18 or over
  • Are comfortable sharing their opinion and experience of helping people you care for look after their health

You do not need :

  • Any prior knowledge of Cancer Research UK or the work they do
  • Any prior experience of involvement with Cancer Research UK opportunities
  • Any knowledge of cancer prevention and early diagnosis topics

Note: Cancer Research UK have a maximum of 10 places for this focus group to allow for the in-depth discussion they require. They, therefore, can’t guarantee you a place at this event. They will contact everyone interested to let you know if you have a place or not.

If you’d like more information or have any questions about this project or getting involved in this focus group including accessibility, please email [email protected].

The session for unpaid carers will take place virtually on 22 January between 12 – 2.15pm.

You can see more details about payment and expenses by clicking here

You can click here to register your interest