Support sessions for parents following exam results

6th August 21

The Anna Freud Centre are pleased to announce they are offering free support sessions to parents following the 2021 exam results days.

They are aware that the pressures which students have faced this year have been considerable.

For a young person, finally receiving exam results can be a moment of celebration or it can bring huge disappointment. This year, the changes to how grades have been decided may add further uncertainty.

These sessions apply particularly to parents and carers who:

  • Are worried about their child’s reaction to their results, and want time to reflect and work out how best to continue supporting them.
  • Have ongoing concerns about the wellbeing of their child and are aware that new strategies may be required.
  • Feel that their child managed results week well, but want help in continuing to support them in the next stage of their education.

The workshops will be available online during the week following results days, from Monday 16 August to Thursday 19 August, with two sessions per day at 12.30pm and 4.30pm.

They will be run by Anna Freud Centre experts who have a background in both education and mental health support, giving some top tips on how best to support children and the opportunity to ask questions.

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