Take part in Gratitude Week – 12-16 September

7th September 16

You are invited to join in with Gratitude Week

How does it feel when someone says thank you to you and really means itHelp someone feel appreciated to reduce stress, increase self-worth and enhance communication with an action that makes you feel good but is quick and easy to do.

Expressing gratitude is often far more deeply appreciated than we realise. Gratitude Week is a dedicated week, started by someone who was a hidden carer, for all people and organisations in the Third Sector, to give us all an opportunity to take a small amount of time to express appreciation to someone else, to help them feel appreciated and bring the benefits of expressing gratitude to all of us.

There are no rules for what you put on the Gratitude wall – it doesn’t have to encompass everybody, it might be for a friend or a family member. Just someone you would like to express your appreciation to.

This email tells you how to join in. It’s as easy as that!

Step 1: Join in here. Takes 1 minute. Carers Trust Cambridgeshire has organised your place for you.

Step 2: We send you a nudge email Mon – Fri next week. Each nudge contains 2 things:

  • the gratitude action of the day – 1 action
  • the high quality mini rest of the day – 1 action

Step 3: Record your action each day and win (tiny) prizes.

Anna Bainbridge, QA & Audit Manager