Peterborough Young Carers, Young Adult Carers & Siblings – Summer 2016 News

6th September 16

Summer activities for The Young Carers and Siblings of Peterborough

A day of fun in the sun kicked off the activities in Peterborough with the first of our designated summer sessions here utilising the beautiful grounds of Thorpe Hall. Survival skills, safe tree climbing techniques and bug house making were some of the things included – even Bear Grylls would have been impressed! Our very  own survival expert Ella McKenzie was on hand to share her expertise with them so should they ever need to know which way is North if they ever get lost in a wood, no doubt  searching for the 3 bears or grandma’s house as you do, they know how to do that now

Our next session took on a Film Festival feel with the children and young people being introduced to the marvels of cinematic history and watching the black and white 1928 classic Mickey Mouse’s Steamboat Willy, followed by one of the latest addition to the Disney family “Zootopia”.  Without spoiling too much fun, just remember don’t talk about the elephant in the room when there is an elephant in the room! As with the other sessions and activities its always great to see the children and young people coming together, making friends,  having fun and just being young , some of whom have never met before as they attend different groups/projects or where this  was their first interaction with CTP.

We had the pleasure of being invited back to Peterborough Community Radio station Youth Radio project once more where the children and young people were given the opportunity to become jingle makers, writing, recording and producing their own jingles for the show. The session also saw them having the opportunity to feedback their thoughts on the project to shape it for the future and highlight the issues as young people they face as carers and siblings of those who have a cared for need.

Who WOOD have thought!

A group of young carers and siblings created some great functional art pieces from the remains of a felled tree from our very own Thorpe Hall. Nine young people, from 5-14, created some individual yet practical seating solutions that had flair and wow – even Ikea would be proud of stocking.  Interior designers of today watch out!

STRIVE Peterborough Young Adult Carers

It was business as usual in Peterborough during the summer months and I am happy to report that being quiet doesn’t mean being inactive as we had several reports back from the young people who have either gained full time or seasonal employment dependant on their needs . A big shout goes to Adam, who is starting Lincoln University this September and we were able to support two sisters with purchasing bicycles via the use of the FCP & Time For Change project funding for leisure and employment pursuits – let’s hope the rain holds off for them!

Lisa Masters, Young Adult Carers Senior Support Co-ordinator, Peterborough