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Do you need help with a hospital discharge?

If you have a loved one in hospital, the planning for what happens when they leave hospital is very important. You may have already been caring for the person before they were taken into hospital, your responsibilities may be likely to increase when they return home, or you may have become a carer for the […]


Coming out of hospital checklist

If you’re caring for someone who’s had to go into hospital, it’s vital that you are consulted, involved and given the right information and support by health and social care professionals. This will help you look after the person safely when they leave hospital. Carers UK have put together a simple checklist to help summarise […]


Caring Together welcomes Government decision to retain rights of carers in the Health and Care Bill

Caring Together welcomes an amendment to the Health and Care Bill which places a new duty on NHS hospital trusts to ensure unpaid carers, including young carers, are involved in the patient’s discharge plans. The amendment, passed in the House of Commons yesterday, means carers have a right to be involved in discharge plans for […]