Shannon’s story

26th November 18

My name is Shannon. I live in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk but I am from Basingstoke. I love going to football matches and banger racing with my dad.

I care for my dad, his name is Wayne. He is 50 years old. He has a messed up knee where he has pins and needles holding it together. He also has seven discs out of place in his back, a blood clot in his neck causing his memory problems.

He needs a wheelchair to get around (which I help with). He can’t get out of the chair to walk without a walking stick. He can’t do lots of things with his hands as they shake and are weak so I care whenever I am not working. It makes me feel horrible to see him like this but I just think people have got it worse and get on with it.

I have always had to help out dad because he’s had his back problems for nearly five years now.

I have met a lot of other amazing people who care.

I can help my dad out like he always has with me.

Both my parents can’t work so we don’t have loads of money especially over Christmas.

More people who care need to know there is help out there.