Our time for change

Our time for change

From Monday 15th July, Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk will be known as Caring Together.  We will continue to provide information, services and campaign so that carers have choices.

Our story
Throughout our history, our organisation has grown out of collaboration.  Charities coming together to reach more carers and be more efficient.  It’s a history we are proud of.

Our ambition
Our ambition is that carers know where to go for advice before, during and after their caring role and get the practical support that matters.

Our purpose
Our new strapline summarises our purpose.  We provide information, services and campaign ‘so that carers have choices’.

Our new name
We chose Caring Together because of our history of collaborating but also because we bring carers together – together with information and advice, together with services that help and together with each other.

Our new look
Our logo combines different ‘C shapes’ to illustrate caring together and depict the many different services we offer as a charity.  When we asked carers what they thought they said “It’s vibrant and colourful” and “it makes me think about relationships and connections.”

We hope you agree – and we look forward to continuing to support you as Caring Together.

Page last modified: 14 June 2019