Upcoming activities for young carers and young adult carers

22nd February 21

These include sessions where you can socialise and get to know other carers who are your age, have some fun, develop new skills and make contributions to ‘carer voice’ work – your chance to raise awareness of carers and influence decisions that affect you.

We have everything from Mother’s Day activities, to advice to help with your carer and personal development, and a scavenger hunt. there are opportunities for you to hear from different professionals and find out what is involved in their jobs.

So whether you are a young carer (aged under 18) or a young adult carer (aged up to 25) you can get involved.

Unless otherwise stated, activities are for carers aged 5-18 years old across Cambridgeshire Peterborough and Norfolk. Some sessions are for young adult carers, aged 18-25. If you are a young adult carer you can also contact us to find out about other workshops and fun sessions we may have available to you.

To sign up for the sessions:

Please give the name and date of the activity that you are interested in joining in with. Some sessions may have other ways to sign-up in which case details will be given below.

9 March 2021 – 6pm-7pm – Mother’s Day craft
Please confirm your attendance by 1 March so craft materials can be sent out to you. Open to all young carers.

10 March 2021 – 6-7pm – Aspirational speaker – nursing
An aspirational speaker will be joining us to talk about their experience of working as a nurse. Open to all young carers aged 13 years old and above.

15 March 2021 – 4.45pm-6pm – Young Carers Action Day event
Young carers from Norfolk Young Carers Forum and young adult carers from Cambridgeshire and Norfolk are organising a virtual event on the 15 March 2021 to mark Young Carers Action Day. They would love for professionals from different backgrounds to join them. They will be sharing the results of their young carers and young adult carers COVID-19 One year on surveys. It will be your exclusive chance to get a preview of what young carers and young adult carers across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk have been saying about how they are coping as we approach the one-year ‘anniversary’ of the first lockdown.

As well as hearing the results, it will be your chance to consider what action you could take to help ensure that young carers and young adult carers have successful futures. The event will take place on Zoom, spaces will be limited, so can you please confirm if you would like to attend by emailing [email protected] by Friday 26 February.

20 March 2021 – 11am-12pm – Show and tell/scavenger hunt
A chance for all young carers to show/tell. Come along and show and/or tell us about anything they are proud of, a hobby, special item or talk about their greatest achievement. Then a fun scavenger hunt for random items around the house!

23 March 2021 – 6pm-7pm – Detective Games Night
Join us for an evening of guessing and detective games… can you guess who the secret dancer is? Or catch out who is telling a lie? Or maybe you’ll be the one telling the fibs, will the others be able to catch you out? Join us and showcase your guessing and bluffing skills!

23 March 2021 – 6pm-7pm – Norfolk Young Carers Combined Area Forum
Zoom Combined Area Forum with West Norfolk Carers

24 March 2021 – 6-7pm – Aspirational speaker – teaching
An aspirational speaker will speak to us about their experience of working as a Teacher. Open to all young carers aged 13 years old and above.

26 March 2021 – 4pm-5pm – Comic art
Open to all young carers.

16 April 2021 – 4pm-5pm – Virtual zoo and animal quiz
Open to all young carers.

30 April 2021 – 4pm-5pm – Cooking
Have fun cooking veg stir fry. Open to all young carers.