Upcoming Family Voice activities for parent carers

14th September 21

Family Voice Peterborough are holding a range of events for parent carers between now and November. There are a range of sessions from support with mental wellbeing to understanding the SEND system better. There are also a mix of face-to-face and online sessions to meet as many needs as possible.

When people book on events that are online the closing message on the booking link contains the zoom link. All people who book will also receive a follow up email with joining details, so people do not miss out.

Thursday 7 October – 11:30am – 1pm – Open Forum – SEND Communications
Virtual meeting (Zoom). Refreshments will be delivered to your door. The topic will be SEND communications and you will hear from Wendi Ogle-Welbourn, Toni Bailey and Sheelagh Sullivan. There will be chance to hear what is happening in relation to SEND and communications, plus ask questions. For booking see – Open Forum-SEND Coms

Tuesday 12 October – 10am – 2pm – Parent Carer Mental Wellbeing – Focus on Anxiety
Virtual meeting (Zoom). Wellbeing box supplied. Session delivered by Karen Ablett (Self-Centred) working on helping parent carers manage feelings of anxiety. Join Karen on this workshop, exploring and establishing a personal toolset to improve feelings of calm and well-being, not only benefitting your mental health but also your overall well-being.
You will work through various strategies and self-regulation techniques, enabling you to pinpoint where this relates to your life and applying in real time. Spaces are limited to enable each participant to get as much as possible from the training. For bookings see – Wellbeing Workshop – Anxiety

Monday 25 October 2021 – 11am – 12.30pm – Seldom Heard Community Forum – Exclusions
Virtual meeting (Zoom). Refreshments will be delivered to your door. ‘Exclusions – what exclusions’, how to get support if your child is excluded, knowing your rights if your child is excluded. For bookings see – SHCF EXCLUSIONS SESSIONS – 25/10/21 BOOKING LINK

Wednesday 17 November – 9:30am – 12:30pm – Beeches School – Behaviours That Challenge
Held at Beeches Primary School. Learn about the causes of challenging behaviour and strategies to manage behaviour – relating to social communication, attentional difficulties and learning needs. For bookings see – Beeches – CB Booking

Tuesday 23 November – 10am – 2pm – Parent Carer Mental Wellbeing – Care vs Over Care
Virtual meeting (Zoom). A wellbeing workshop on Care vs Over Care. For bookings see – Wellbeing Workshop – Care vs Over Care

Wednesday 24 November – 11am – 12:30pm – Seldom Heard Community Forum – PfA
Virtual meeting (Zoom). Refreshments will be delivered to your door. What does Preparing for adulthood (PfA) mean for Young People with EHCp’s. Hear from Elizabeth Sullivan-Ash (SAMs PfA Coordinator) about what PfA means for your young person and you. For bookings see – SHCF SESSION – PFA Booking link

Thursday 25 November 11:30am – 1pm – Open Forum – Carers Rights Day
Virtual meeting (Zoom). Refreshments will be delivered to your door. Caring Together in attendance, carers assessments, signposting for carers and knowing your rights. For bookings see – Open Forum-Carers Rights Day