Research about young adult carers living with a parent with a mental illness

14th December 21

Northumbria University Newcastle logoYoung adult carers, aged between 16 and 24, are being invited to take part in an interview for a research study looking at how they feel about school.

This study is part of a PhD project which is being done at Northumbria University. The PhD is aiming to get a better understanding of whether or not school is important for young people when they live with a parent who has a mental illness.

If you chose to take part in this study, the most important part of this is asking you about your own experiences to make sure that you have a say in research being done about you. To do this, the researcher will sit with you for a couple of hours and ask you some very open questions about how you feel about school.

To be eligible to take part you should be aged between 16 and 24 and one of the following be true:

  • You are currently in full time education and one of your parents has a mental illness.
  • One of your parents had a mental illness during the time you were in full time education.

You can click here to download the participant information sheet [PDF, 140kB]