Take on a physical challenge

Take on a physical challenge

Whether you want to walk, cycle, or swim – could you take on a challenge to help unpaid carers get the support they need?

You could take on this challenge by yourself, or as a group.

Step 1 – Plan your challenge

  • Choose what, where, when and for how long (e.g. lengths for swimming, miles for walking).
  • Choose whether your challenge will be a single event such as cycling from Peterborough to Cambridge on a particular date, or over a period of time such as walking 8,000 steps a day for a month.
  • Will this be a personal challenge, or will you do it with others (e.g. a cycle ride as a group)?

Step 2 – Set up your fundraising page

It is easy and simple to set up a Just Giving page. See our Top Tips for your online fundraising page.

Step 3 – Spread the word

Ask friends, family, colleagues and other people you know to sponsor you. See our Top tips for an example message you could send out.

Contact us at [email protected] so we can make sure you have any information or resources you need for the challenge day.

Step 4 – Get training

Keep your page updated with the highs and lows as you train.

Step 5 – Complete your challenge!

Enjoy it! Have fun and know you are making a difference for unpaid carers with every step you take.

Make sure you take photos and get permission to send these to us at [email protected]

Step 6 – Congratulations! Time to rest up

Once you’ve completed your challenge you can send any donations that haven’t been made online into us. See our Top tips for full details.

We will make sure you receive a nice thank you card confirming how much you have raised.

Thank you for caring for carers!

Page last modified: 15 January 2024