Carers at work

Carers at work

Are you a working carer?

3 million people (1 in 9 of the workforce) combine caring for a loved one, with paid work.

However the significant demands of caring mean that many are forced to give up work altogether, due to lack of rights, flexibility and high quality services at home. Carers need to be supported so they are able to juggle work and care and to enable them to return to work if they wish

State of Caring Report 2017 – Carers UK

Are you a working carer, do you struggle to balance work and caring for someone important to you?

We can help.

No family carer willingly gives up work. Many take jobs that are lower paid, can be quite transient in their nature and offer more flexibility around hours so they can continue to care. This can place huge emotional and financial strain on the carer and their family.

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