What to do in an emergency?

What to do in an emergency?

What happens when you activate your What If Plan?

  1. In the case of an emergency, call our Emergency Number 0300 666 0213.
  2. We will first call your nominated contacts; usually this would be better for the person you care for than bringing in someone who is unfamiliar.
  3. If they are unable to help, or there is nobody you feel you can ask, our emergency call-out team can step in to help during the first 24 hours. This is a free service funded by Cambridgeshire County Council available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Emergency call-out team

If you require the support of our emergency care team, our specially trained care workers will contact you or the person that you care for and/or your nominated contacts to gather information about the support needed and the best way to deliver this.

Carers Trust CPN would be required to risk assess any care needs and the environment to ensure the safety of the person you care for and our trained care workers.

There may be times when we need to contact social care or health professionals such as the District Nurses or GP to ensure that the needs of the person that you care for are met.

If the person that you care for needs help to transfer or move around our care workers are trained to assess the safest way to do this. Medication can only be administered from the original packaging with the consent of the cared for person.

After that initial period, if help is still needed and friends and family are not available, Carers Trust CPNcan provide professional care or you are entitled to choose another provider (e.g. a home care agency) to provide this service, if you wish. You would have to pay for this support. We will try to link you with a volunteer to help with one off and short term tasks.

We may need to refer you to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Adult Social Care Service to ensure that care is provided for the person you look after whilst you are unavailable. If the person you look after is eligible for adult social care support, the County Council will carry out a financial assessment, after which they will be able to tell you how much the Council can contribute to the cost of you care and how much your contribution will be. Full details of their fairer contributions policy can be found on their web site – click here

Purchasing care from us

If you think you might want to purchase care and support from Carers Trust Cambridgeshire when you have an emergency, our Fees and Terms & Conditions of providing care as at 1 April 2016 are as below:

Weekdays 9am to 8pm Weeknights 8pm to 9am Weekends and Bank Holidays
£19.93 per hour £23.79 per hour £28.07 per hour

We can provide overnight care (10pm-8am, i.e. for 10 hrs), depending on staff availability, at the rates below. A sleeping night is one where the staff member does not have to get up more than once in the night; the rate is lower as the staff member is able to work the next day.

Starting on Mon-Thurs Starting on Fri-Sun & Bank holiday
Sleeping night (up to 1 disturbance) £94.69 £108.06
Waking night (2+ disturbances) £178.73 £214.02

Please note:

  1. Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation will incur a charge for the session.
  2. Invoices will be issued every four weeks, in arrears; payments must be made within 28 days of the invoice date.
  3. We reserve the right to charge interest at 2% above Bank of England base rate for invoices outstanding beyond this date.
  4. Our Fees include travel costs for the Carer Support Worker to and from your home.
  5. For Social trips during their sessions with you, if the Carer Support Worker uses her/his own car, the cost will be 40p per mile. Please pay the Carer Support Worker directly for the mileage incurred and any parking expense; they will then issue you with a receipt that will be marked as “PAID”.
  6. Our charges are periodically reviewed. The rates we will charge will be those applicable at the time of the emergency. You will be advised of the current rates at the time.
  7. Carers Trust Cambridgeshire cannot be responsible for damage to the property if access is not available and emergency services need to gain access.
  8. Children in the household: If there are children in the household under the age of 13, a responsible person will need to take care of them. Care staff cannot take responsibility for the care of any children in the household.
  9. Pets at the property of the person you care for: Care staff are not allowed to look after any pets at the property.

Page last modified: 4 April 2019