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8th December 22

Trustees Annual Report 2021-22 07.12.22 front coverOur charity annual report detailing our work and its impact in the year 2021-22 has been published.

The report has shown how we worked to support carers, including in the face of the devastating impacts of the coronavirus pandemic which continued to hit carers hard. This, together with the cost-of-living crisis, have pushed many carers to breaking point making our work more essential than ever.

Miriam Martin, chief executive said, “Each year our charity annual report gives an opportunity for us to show not only our financial position for the year, but also the huge value of why we invest in the work we do – why it is so essential we support carers in the face of the huge challenges so many of them face.

“During the year we saw the demand for our services increase with our capacity hard pressed to meet it.

“The report includes details of our campaigning on behalf of carers, but we know that there will be no immediate solutions to the situations so many carers face. That is why we must continue to offer, and work to increase, the support we can give  to people looking after a family member or friend, and to raise more funds to enable his to happen.”

Among the support we delivered in 2021-22 was:

  • 276 carers supported when their physical or mental health was at crisis point or they could not attend their own health appointments.
  • The Caring Together helpline team speaking to carers on 14,049 calls.
  • Our Carers Matter Norfolk advice line team giving support to carers through 15,764 calls.
  • 73,782 hours of homecare provided so that carers were able to take a break.
  • £17,426 in bursaries provided to carers to relieve pressures they face.
  • 410 carers enabled to have time away from their caring role.
  • 1,102 people supported with homecare.
  • 299 carers joining the 37 learning opportunities we offered.
  • 103 different adult carers attended our 80 groups, workshops and activities arranged for them.
  • 118 different young carers and young adult carers attended our 55 groups, workshops and activities we organised for them.

You can click here to download our annual report and accounts 2021/22 [PDF, 4.4MB]

Or click here to download our impact report 2021/22 [PDF, 3.7MB]

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