Family Carers in Peterborough Need Vital Information About Their Rights and Benefits

2nd November 16

Carers Trust Peterborough is highlighting Carers Rights Day on 25 November by telling caregivers, “it’s vital you have the right information at the right time to prevent some of the harmful impacts of caring on you and your family.”

Events are being held in the city to provide unpaid carers and their families with the essential information they need, because the current systems have been called “bewildering and complex”.  This includes their rights to Carer’s Allowance, Attendance Allowance and other benefits, as well as support from Carers Trust Peterborough in providing a Carer’s Assessment which could enable them to have a personal budget for a respite break and other support.

There are 18,000 family carers in Peterborough, with 3,170 caring for more than 50 hours per week, though there are many people who do not identify themselves as care givers because they see it as part of their family duty; these are the people that Carers Trust Peterborough would like to reach out to and support.

Hedda Lilley, Carers Hub Manager with Carers Trust Peterborough, said:  “There are thousands of family carers in Peterborough, people who every day provide support and care to a loved one, who do not realise that they are entitled to certain rights and benefits.  It is crucial that they access these funds at a time when it is most needed to reduce worry and stress.”

Some family carers feel forced to give up work when faced with intensive caring responsibilities and are unaware that they have some rights provided by the Equality Act 2010 which gives them protection from some forms of discrimination.

Hedda explained: “Carers have the right to request flexible working and are entitled to time off for dependents to deal with unforeseen circumstances.  Giving up work could have severe implications for them and affect their future pension entitlement, as well as their standard of living.

“Please do come and see us at one of our stands where our staff will be delighted to advise you about all your rights and entitlements. Or do call us if you cannot make it and would like to know more on 01480 499090 so we can help you and, crucially, ensure that all is done to care for your own health and well being during what can be a very stressful time.”

Other benefits available for family carers are council tax reduction, help with fuel costs, Personal Independent Payment for people aged 16-64, Disability Facilities Grant to adapt your home and free NHS health costs, such as prescriptions and eye tests, if your income is below a certain amount.

Events planned in Peterborough are:

24 November
10am – 12.30 pm, Family Voice Peterborough, 105 Paynells, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough.

25 November
10am – 3pm, Dementia Resource Centre, York Road, Peterborough.

Notes to Editors:

  1. For further information, please contact Hedda Lilley, Carers Hub Manager, on 01733 645234 or Communications Officer Ellee Seymour on 01480 499090.