Important opportunities to give your views

9th May 22

At Caring Together we work to ensure the existing rights of carers are recognised and acted on, and to bring carers rights and support in line with the realities of carers needs.

There are currently three important consultations underway:
– The Children’s Commissioner for England’s Family Review
– The House of Lords Adult Social Care Committee Inquiry
– The new national mental health and wellbeing plan consultation

We want your views to help shape the evidence we submit to these and other consultations. If you have views on these topics, please contact us:

  • How does being a carer impact on your mental health/wellbeing? What more needs to be done to improve your wellbeing? What is life like for someone supporting someone with a mental health issue?
  • What is family life like for young carers and their families? What support do families need?
  • How can we raise the profile and improve identification of carers? What is needed to help carers stay in work if they are wanting to? Does Adult Social care recognise the role and expertise of carers? What is your experience of social care?

We also have two workshops where carers and people supporting carers can share their experiences:

  • Tuesday 17 May, 2.00-3:30pm – Carers and Adult Social Care
  • Monday 13 June, 1.00-2:30pm – Mental health and wellbeing of carers; carers supporting someone with a mental health condition

To feed your views in on these or other subjects please email [email protected]

More details about the consultations

If you want to see more details on the current consultations these are available as below: