Carers Week Quest

5th June 14


Monday 9th June to Sunday 5th June 2014 marks Carers Week for 2014 with “Carers Week Quest”, an exciting new initiative to encourage improved collaborative working in local communities to reach out to family carers. It aims to reach out to the thousands of carers in the UK who are currently missing out on vital support.

At the heart of activity will be a focus on working together in local communities to reach as many family carers as possible during Carers Week.

Why have the Carers Week Quest?

One in eight of us are currently family carers looking after an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend.

The very nature of caring means very often people don’t at first, or sometimes ever, identify themselves as carers. Rather, they only think of themselves simply as wife, husband, son, daughter, mum, dad or perhaps grandparent, niece or nephew helping a loved one.

Yet without the right help and support, caring can have a devastating impact – family carers can quickly become cut off, with their physical and emotional health, work and finances all hit hard. Young carers can struggle at school or in finding jobs.

We all have a role in helping family carers know about the support and services on offer to them. This is why Carers Week Quest has been launched. This June we are encouraging greatest ever drive to reach out to carers in the UK.

The purpose of the Carers Week Quest is to:

  • Reach out to thousands of carers who are missing out on advice and information, support and services;
  • Encourage individuals and organisations to come together to improve how the UK’s 6.5 million carers are supported;
  • Help individuals and organisations to come together to improve how the UK’s 6.5 million carers are supported;
  • Support individuals and organisations to improve how they look after carers;
  • Provide a focus and impetus for activities throughout the UK including fundraising.

Young Carers are having an event on Friday 6th June with Centre 33 and for the first time during Carers Week, Friday 13th June will focus on raising the awareness and identification of young carers and the importance of supporting young people with caring responsibilities, especially in schools and colleges.

Carers Trust Cambridgeshire (CTC) and the Carers Support Team at Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) are holding events throughout Cambridgeshire to coincide with Carers Week including:

Cambridge area

9 June 10am-2pm
Polhill Garden Centre, Coton (CCC)

9 June 10am -3pm
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Concourse (CTC)

10 June 10am -3pm
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Outpatients (CTC)

10 June 10am-3pm
Addenbrooke’s Staff Carers Retreat (CTC)

11 June 1-3.30pm
Fitzwilliam Museum trip (please book in advance) (CTC)

11 June 2-5pm
Cambridge Central Library (CCC)

12 June 2.30-4.30pm
Waresley Garden Centre, Sandy (CCC)

14 June 2.30-4.30pm
Scotsdale Garden Centre, Horningsea (CCC)

15 June 3pm
St Mary’s Parish Church, Burwell (CTC)
Thanksgiving service for carers


9 June 10am -3pm
Doddington Hospital (CCC)

10 June 10am-11.30am
Almonry Restaurant, Ely (CTC)

10 June 10am-3pm
Sainsbury’s, Ely (CTC)

11 June 10am-1pm
March Library (CCC)

13 June 10am-3pm
Sainsbury’s, Ely (CTC)

14 June 9.30am-2pm
March Saturday Market Stall (CCC)


9 June 10am-2pm
St Ives Market Square (CCC)

10 June 11am-2pm
Frosts Garden Centre, Brampton (CCC)

11 June 10am-3pm
Huntingdon Garden and Leisure (CTC)

12 June 2-2.45pm
Walk at Hinchingbrooke Park (CTC)

12 June 2.30-4.30pm
Waresley Garden Centre, Sandy (CCC)

13 June 10am-3pm
Hinchingbrooke Hospital (CTC)

13 June 12-1pm
Information stand at Ernulf Academy, St Neots (CTC)

14 June 10am-12pm
Bag pack at Sainsbury’s, Huntingdon (CTC)

To find out more please about the events please contact the relevant organisation:

CTC – Carers Trust Cambridgeshire                      Tel: 01480 499090

CCC – Cambridgeshire County Council                 Tel: 01480 377616