Carer’s Allowance must be overhauled – your voice is needed

24th May 24


We are joining with Carers UK, Carers Trust, MPs and others in calling for Carers Allowance to be completely overhauled. And you can add your voice to those saying the outdated and inadequate approach to the benefit must change.

Whatever happens in the General Election this summer we will continue join with other carer organisations in calling for radical change to Carers Allowance. Please tell us your views and experiences on our Carers Speak Out page which will help us fight for change.

Unpaid carers have been chased for money by the Department for Work and Pensions – more than 11,000 are repaying sums of over £5,000 – but many had no idea they were receiving over-payment.

These over-payments happen when someone claiming Carer’s Allowance of just £81.90 each week goes above the weekly earnings limit of £151. If a carer earns just £1 over this limit, they lose 100% of the benefit.

While the Department for Work and Pensions has regular alerts telling them when this has happened, they have not acted quickly enough to tell carers –over-payments have built up, leaving some unpaid carers with huge amounts to pay back.

We believe this, and the whole approach to Carer’s Allowance is unacceptable.

Our chief executive Miriam Martin said, “What we are hearing about Carer’s Allowance over-payments is appalling. Juggling a caring role and work is incredibly difficult and places huge demands on the time, attention and energy on carers.

“The Carer’s Allowance is such a small amount of money for carers and the criteria for receiving it make it one of the most complicated benefits to claim.

“To now hear that people who have made genuine mistakes around the earnings limit are finding themselves in these situations is absolutely shocking. Action needs to be taken as soon as possible.”

Your voice can help bring change

  • If you have experienced problems with Carer’s Allowance or want to share your views on this issue please do tell us about it on our Carers Speak Out page. This will help us in our work to call for change.
  • As campaigning gets underway ahead of the July General Election, you may be contacted by your local candidates, or members of their team. You can tell them why you think Carer’s Allowance must be overhauled, and the needs of unpaid carers must be made a much higher priority.