Cancer support service receives ‘much deserved’ Carer Friendly Tick Award

4th July 23

Cambridge University Hospital Cancer Support Service has been awarded Caring Together’s Carer Friendly Tick Award – Health.

The award is in recognition of their work to identify and support unpaid carers – people that look after a family member or friend.

Unpaid carers being recognised by the hospital has benefits to the carer, the person they look after, and enables the hospital staff to fulfil their roles more effectively.

The Cancer Support Service receiving the Carer Friendly Tick Award – Health, will help unpaid carers know what they can expect when they are attending the service and what support is available.

Sarah Jayne Rodwell, Senior Cancer Support Advisor at Cambridge University Hospital Cancer Support Service said, “The Cancer Support Service being awarded the Carer Friendly Tick Award – Health gives carers accessing our service assurance that we value the important role they play in our patients’ pathway.

“We work extremely hard to support carers signposting them to services and peer support both locally and nationally, sharing news and information whilst promoting trust systems that are in place to support carers.”

A panel of carers assessed the submission from the Trust on behalf of Caring Together. The panel were impressed by the range of work being carried out by the team, and the impact that this has on both carers and those they care for.

A panel member said they were impressed with the department’s commitment to supporting carers of all ages, and added, “I love the tuck box idea, how often do carers go hungry or thirsty because they don’t want to leave a loved one alone while they take a drink break.”

The cancer support service’s work includes:

  • introduction of the Carers Passport – carer identification within a health setting
  • promotion of the Carers Handbook
  • staff trained in carer awareness, provided in-house and by Caring Together and Cambridge Cancer Help Centre
  • carer information displayed on department information boards and on social media.

Jill Nooij, Awareness and Voice Delivery Lead at Caring Together said it has been a pleasure to work with Sarah and her colleagues and added, “They have shown a real commitment to supporting carers. It’s clear that they have a good understanding of the challenges faced by carers and how they can provide support within their department and the wider hospital. Their enthusiasm has even spread to other hospitals.”

“Congratulations on achieving the Carer Friendly Tick, it’s very much deserved!”

The Carer Friendly Tick Award was originally developed for education by young carers from Caring Together’s Norfolk Young Carers Forum (NYCF). The success of this meant the awards have been rolled out across Norfolk, Peterborough and Cambridgeshire and now includes community, health and employer organisations. The awards recognise the important role organisations have to play in ensuring carers of all ages are recognised and given the support they need.

For more information about the Carer Friendly Tick Awards and how your organisation can support carers see or email [email protected]

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