We’re calling for MPs to support essential Bill to help unpaid carers

22nd August 22

We have called upon MPs to support an upcoming Carer’s Leave Bill which would ease some of the huge pressures on people trying to balance looking after a family member or friend, while also being in paid employment.

We support 17,000 carers and their families across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk. And last week we wrote to every MP in the area highlighting how, if supported, the bill would benefit more than 2 million carers nationally who juggle work and unpaid care for their older, ill or disabled relatives or friends.

Head of engagement, Andy McGowan said, “Before the coronavirus pandemic, 600 people a day were having to quit work because they did not get the support they needed to remain in work alongside their caring responsibilities. This has a significant impact not only for themselves and their families, but the businesses they worked for and the wider economy. With more carers taking on more care since the pandemic, this situation is only going to get worse if action is not taken.

“There is widespread recognition more must be done to help carers of all ages, and a growing realisation of the urgency of this.

“The Private Member’s Bill that Wendy Chamberlain MP is taking forward in September would make a huge difference for carers. While we believe that carer’s leave should be paid and that every employer should have policies to support their staff who are carers, this bill would be a welcome first step towards truly carer-friendly workplaces.

“Political parties of all persuasions, including the Government have said they are committed to supporting carers. So, we are hopeful MPs will show they are serious about acting on these commitments and that there will be a cross party recognition of the importance of this Bill and of supporting unpaid carers.”

Caring Together’s letter to MPs

The letter to MPs in Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Norfolk included asking them to:

  • Support the Bill when it has its Second Reading on the 9 September 2022.
  • Write to the Minister responsible, Jane Hunt MP, and call on her to ensure the Government supports the Bill at Second Reading.
  • Write to Wendy Chamberlain MP to let her know they will be supporting the Bill.
  • Show their support for the Bill on social media using ‘Carer’s Leave Bill’ and #RightToCarersLeave.

The Carer’s Leave Bill has its Second Reading in the House of Commons on Friday 9 September. Its long title is: “A Bill to make provision about unpaid leave for employees with caring responsibilities”, and the objective of the Bill is to support carers to juggle work and care, and for employers to maximise retention and wellbeing.