Carer’s passport workshop

Start date: 09.02.22 at 2.00pm
End date: 09.02.22 at 4.00pm

Carer’s passport workshop

A Caring Together and Carers Voice Norfolk and Waveney workshop on Carer’s Passports.

Carer’s Passports are coming to Norfolk. In this workshop open to carers of all ages and people who work for health and social care organisations in Norfolk, you will:

  • learn more about carers passports and how they work;
  • hear how carers passports have helped carers in other areas;
  • find out about the plans for introducing a carer’s passport across health organisations in Norfolk;
  • hear how you can get involved in this.

To find out more information and to book call 07932095312 or email, [email protected]