Marking National Day of Reflection 2021

23rd March 21

To mark one year since the first national lockdown was announced, a day of reflection has been created to allow us time to pause and acknowledge what we have lost and what we have found throughout this past year. The National Day of Reflection is a day where we remember those we’ve lost.

Caring Together have been marking the day with our team joining in the reflection on the past year on a personal and professional level. As part of this our chief executive, Miriam Martin, recorded a message for our staff.


Caring Together chief executive, Miriam said: “Every day, we have learned about the additional strain of lockdown on carers. How few of then have been able to take a break and how this has resulted in very many carers reaching crisis point and so desperately needing our help. If anyone ever doubted the need for an organisation like ours.”

“My one hope, is that when the doors are opened, the world we open up to is better than the one we left behind last March. I hope that the community spirit, the acts of kindness, appreciation and generosity, and what we have learned about what really matters through this pandemic, are the things that shape our post-COVID world.”

Miriam’s message to staff highlights how it’s really important to take stock of the last year, and also to look forward to a brighter future. The roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination has been incredible and gives hope for a return to a new kind of normal and the opening up of our world again, something we will not take for granted in the same way again. ​​​​​​

At Caring Together, we are aware of the personal loss experienced this year, whether this be losing a loved one or losing time that could be spent with a loved one. We have missed saying goodbye to people and saying hello to new people that have joined our family.

The last year has highlighted awareness of carers to the public and put them in the public eye and reaffirmed the importance of the work we do. We have strength as a charity, achieving so much despite the challenges and adversity and the continued support provided to carers in the community.

The last year has highlighted the importance of virtual media. It has also brought the importance of wellbeing and looking after mental health to the forefront.

There is also a doorstep act of remembrance planned at 8pm on 23 March where we are encouraged to shine a light from our doorsteps.

If you are a carer in need of support or have recently lost someone you have cared for, you can find support here:

You can also call us on 0345 241 0954 or email us at [email protected]