Thank you to Diss High School for walking your walk for carers

23rd March 21

We want to say a big thank you Diss High School for joining in our walk your walk for carers this March. Young carers leader at Diss High, Miss Read, has completed her challenge of 100,000 steps in a week hitting a total of 100,255 steps in a week. As well as raising funds for carers the school have been raising awareness of young carers and the impact coronavirus pandemic has had on them.

We are providing free and tailored support for people looking after a family member or friend, so they and the person they care for can get to their appointment for the COVID-19 vaccination. We have been inviting you to walk your walk for carers this March to raise money so that they can continue to provide this and other support to carers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Before the weekend when pupils were also invited to be involved, Miss Read said: “We’re taking part in walk the walk for cares this March. I’ve pledged to walk 100,000 steps in a week to raise the awareness of young carers.

“The pupils and staff that walk the most steps over a weekend are in with a chance of winning prizes. It’s something fun that the kids can get involved in.

“The main goal is to continue to raise the profile for our young carers, we’ve got a handful who we are aware of and we know and communicate with we are fully aware of the extent of pupil’s that are invisible.

“They are such a vulnerable group, and they’ve been made even more vulnerable by the lockdown. Because they’re so quiet and so hidden, they rarely come forward.

“So this is a great opportunity to raise the profile of young carers and to assure them that the school is here to help and support and to raise money for Caring Together as a local charity making a difference to carers.

“The 100,000 steps also works to raise awareness at the amount of work these young carers have to do. The amount of steps emphasises that young carers have done a whole day’s school and they’ve done their morning, they now go home and have to do more work more support, more emotional support, and it just never stops.”

To find out more about walk your walk for carers please click here.

Diss High School are also on our Carer Friendly Tick hall of fame, having recently received their Carer Friendly Tick – Education award. Click here to find out more about becoming recognised as carer friendly.