Give your views on information videos

10th December 21

The integrated care system* for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is looking at using the following videos to explain Personal Care Plans and would like your views on these.

They have asked Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations to gather feedback. You can give your answers to the following questions:

  • Do these videos offer information that is supportive and helpful for a member of the public? If so, can you put them in order of preference?
  • Are they still relevant?
  • Is there anything missing from these videos? (Point of view, representation etc.)

You can view the videos here:

  1. Personalised care and support planning – Bing video
  2. An introduction to the four stages of care and support planning – Bing video
  3. Care and Support Planning and The Care Act – Bing video
  4. Person-centred care made simple – Bing video

And then send your feedback to Kathryn Shepherdson at [email protected] giving the subject as ‘FEEDBACK Personal Care videos’ by Wednesday 5 January.

*Integrated care systems (ICSs) are new partnerships between the organisations that meet health and care needs across an area, to coordinate services and to plan in a way that improves population health and reduces inequalities between different groups.