Farewell from Dr Helen Brown

30th November 17

Today is the last day for Dr Helen Brown as CEO of Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk.

“Its my passion, not just my job.” This was Helen’s response when asked why she loved her job as CEO of Carers Trust CPN. In November, Helen retired as CEO, but we know her passion remains.

Many words could be used to describe Helen: dedicated, hard working, inspirational and with a vision for the future. Her twelve years with us have been peppered with so much success and she will be missed by us all as a colleague, friend and mentor. But she will also be missed by nameless and voiceless carers, because her ideas and leadership have changed the lives of thousands of unpaid family carers of all ages.

Helen said,

“Twelve years ago, I joined two struggling small Crossroads charities about to merge because I wanted to make a difference for unknown heroes in our society, as I’d recently had an insight into their world. I leave saddened and heartened by even greater professional and personal insight into Carers-world and knowing we are, together, making an important difference to thousands of people.

Through contributing to national and local carers strategies, I’ve tried to help ensure the needs and contributions of all carers were reflected. There’s even more to do, as the challenges of living longer but with health needs, working for longer so having to juggle care and work alongside lack of funds for health and social care will place ever greater strains on many more unpaid carers.”

Memories of Helen