Carer-Friendly Neighbourhood project launched

2nd November 20

We are pleased to be working closely with five GP practices within the Cambridge City’s Primary Care Network (PCN) to be delivering the Carer-Friendly Neighbourhood Project.

The five GP practices include Arbury Road, Bottisham Medical Practice, East Barnwell Health Centre, Nuffield Road Surgery and York Street Surgery. They are working with us to become more carer-friendly, increase the numbers on their carers registers, improve awareness across the staff from each surgery and to achieve the Carer Friendly Tick award.

Last week Caring Together’s awareness team delivered carer awareness sessions to 45 staff members at York Street Medical Practice.

A staff member from the Medical Practice said: “Staff across Cambridge City Primary Care Network have been learning about the work of Caring Together and how this can help us further support our patients who are carers. Really great training to hear about the great work of Caring Together.”

The  Carer-Friendly Neighbourhood Project, is funded through the South Alliance Innovation Fund around carer identification and support.

Carer support for the carers from the surgeries is being offered by Caring Together, as well as us working with the network to increase the number of carers with a ‘What If?’ emergency plan in place.

Click here to find out more about how your organisation can get involved in becoming recognised as carer friendly.