Give carers a break

Give carers a break

Your breaktime mugshot to #GiveCarersABreak

Miriam Martin and her mug #GiveCarersABreakTo share your breaktime mugshot and #GiveCarersABreak simply:

  1. Take a pic of you and your favourite mug.
  2. Post it on social media.
    • Tag three of your family, friends or colleagues.
    • Say you’re donating £3 by texting C4CARERS to 70331.*
    • Use the hashtag #GiveCarersABreak.
    • Tag in @CaringTogether on Twitter or Instagram.

If you are camera shy you can choose to stay out of the pic and simply make your mug the star of the show.

*standard text rates apply.

You can also contribute to our caring for carers appeal at

If you want to do more to #GiveCarersABreak, we would love to hear from you. Email Nicky Newton on [email protected] or see below for more ideas.

The difference you make by helping to #GiveCarersABreak

Give carers a break - with #GiveCarersABreak and your mugHaving a proper break is something lots of us can choose to do at some point in our day.

But for many people who care unpaid for a husband, wife, partner, mother, father, child, sibling or friend because of their illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction having a proper break is simply not possible.

Carers range in age from as young as five years old up to the very elderly. They can be looking after loved ones for long stretches of time and be responsible for them 24/7.

We all need and deserve a break.

And we need your help to give carers a break, the break they need and deserve.

That is why we are asking you to share your breaktime mugshot, donate £3 and nominate three of your friends, work colleagues or family so they can do the same and help us give carers a break.

£3 is only the cost of buying a coffee, but these donations can add up to make a huge difference to carers.

With your help carers of all ages and in varying situations can take breaks in all sorts of different ways. Helping them to have some time out and alleviate the stresses and strains they experience day to day in their caring role can improve their general physical and mental wellbeing.

Sharing your breaktime mugshot also shows carers that they are not alone. That people care about them, and that people want to help give carers a break.

Adult carers

Providing a regular break for an adult carer can be a vital part in sustaining their health and emotional wellbeing.

Having homecare provided once a week, to look after the carer’s loved one, means the carer can take a much-needed break. They may get a rare chance to leave their house to go to the shops or see a friend, or they may just need a chance to sleep, sit quietly in their own garden, read a book or have a quiet coffee.

Young carers and their families

Ensuring young carers have a break from their responsibilities is very important. We can provide a break based on their own needs and interests.

We can help them to do an activity many of their friends may take for granted, for example:

  • Going to a swimming pool or a gym once a week for a month.
  • Doing a specific hobby such as playing a musical instrument or become a member of a or group.
  • Having a family outing. These are often not possible for young carers and their families without appropriate support, such as a care worker being available to offer help.

Here are just a few examples of how your help adds up to make a difference:

  • £50 means we can provide football kit so a young carer can take their place as a member of a Saturday morning junior football team.
  • £100 pays for all the equipment and materials needed for a young carer to take up or continue a hobby.
  • £250 makes sure they can have a day out, with a care worker if needed, for a birthday or similar memorable occasion, for them and their family.

The coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has made life even harder for carers with challenges around shielding, restrictions on going to the usual support groups and limitations on the ways family and friends can help.

This makes breaks even harder for carers to get, and even more important.

More ways to #GiveCarersABreak

  • Hold a virtual coffee morning with friends, family or colleagues with people donating to #GiveCarersABreak
  • Put aside the cost of your favourite coffee shop drink once a week and give this money to #GiveCarersABreak
  • Send the link to this page to friends, family or colleagues to make them aware of how they can share their breaktime mugshot to #GiveCarersABreak
  • Make your choice of a donation to our appeal at

To find out more contact Nicky Newton on [email protected]

Text donations

* Caring Together Charity needs to raise funds for this and for other charitable purposes.
Text donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For terms and conditions, see

You can also donate other amounts by text*:

To donate £1, text C4CARERS to 70201
To donate £3, text C4CARERS to 70331
To donate £5, text C4CARERS to 70970
To donate £10, text C4CARERS to 70191
(standard text rates apply)


Page last modified: 21 September 2022