Looking for a challenge? Skydive from 13,000 feet!

6th June 17


Sky diving is an unforgettable experience filled with wonder, fear and excitement.  Why not add to all of those emotions with some pride in the fact that you are raising money for carers?

Hundreds of people every year take part in a tandem skydive for charity, raising vital funds while challenging themselves to face their fears.

So take a leap of faith and book your jump here with UK Parachuting. Scroll down the page to where you can select a date and fill in all your details. There is a £50* fee to book your dive, and a fee of £165* to be paid on the day of the dive.

However, you can claim the £165* fee back from the money you raise and do dive for free if you manage to raise the minimum amount of £315* by the day of the dive!

Once you have registered, let us know by dropping us an email so we can send you a welcome pack and tips on fundraising.

UK Parachuting will allow you to jump from one of two locations either in Peterborough, or Beccles which is 30 mins from Norwich.

This is an amazing opportunity to do something for charity while screaming your heart out.

* From January 2018.