Call for participants – study into Parkinson’s

13th January 21

Mridhula Murali and the research team at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, are investigating how speech may change over time for people with Parkinson’s.

Who do the researchers need?
40 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s who are over 35 years of age and speak fluent English. They must also have changes in their speech and must have access to a smartphone or laptop.

The research team are also looking for 40 people who do not have Parkinson’s to act as a control group. They must also be over 35 years old and have access to a smartphone or laptop.

What’s involved?
You will be asked to complete a wellbeing questionnaire and then you’ll be invited to join an online video call. All the research activities will be completed remotely. You will be asked to complete the same activities 6 months after your first session.

Interested in taking part?
For full information about the research, please read the information sheet. Please contact Mridhula via email [email protected] or phone 07716516201 before 31 March 2021.