Stepping out to help carers

27th January 20

Sam Corbett says she is not a ‘natural’ runner but is fully motivated to be running the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon with #TeamTogether in March.

Fundraising for a cause she believes in is inspiring her to go out, train and prove to herself what she is capable of. We caught up with her to find out more:

What is it that motivates you to run and take part in events like the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon?

Sam Corbett training for Cambridge HalfI like to sign up to events to give me something to aim for!

Running for me is not at all natural! To me, it is a challenge which I have to work hard at and push myself to do.

Having a deadline to aim for pushes me to run further, forces me to run on those days where I’d really rather not, and pushes my limits of what I think I’m capable of.

I like to prove to myself that I am capable, and these things that you work for are achievable.

What running have you done in the past?

I started off with Race For Life 5k about eight or nine years ago.

Since then I’ve done quite a few 10k runs, four previous half marathons, and two triathlons!

It sounds quite a lot, but each one always feels like I’m starting from scratch again!

My last half marathon was two years ago, but each one gets slower and slower! Hopefully this one will beat the pattern!

Why have you decided to run to raise money for Caring Together?

Sam Corbett fundraising for Cambridge HalfI decided to run for Caring Together after a client of mine, who now works for the charity, told me about them and what the work they do.

I was oblivious to how many people in our local communities are carers and how much it affects their day to day lives.

I was shocked when I first heard about the amount of carers in our area. This could be from a wife caring for an elderly husband, or young carers who have parents dependent on them for normal day to day tasks and activities, or people caring for another family member, friend or neighbour.

Caring Together is a charity which directly helps local people.

Some carers struggle to work, go to school, do the weekly shop, or even get a haircut without worrying about the person who they care for.

That is why it is so important Caring Together provides support for carers of all ages with services and activities in the local community, advice and information, and by campaigning.

I like to run for a charity as it does give me that extra motivation on the hard days where running is the last thing I want to do! This is a challenge for me, which I’ve been training for since September. By running for a charity, it makes it for something more than just myself.

What are you looking forward to about running the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon?

I am looking forward to finishing mostly!

But the Cambridge half marathon has a really nice atmosphere with so much support along the way.

If you want to find out more about ways you, your school, business or community organisation, can support the work Caring Together does with carers contact Nicky Newton at [email protected]

Whether it is running a half marathon, taking part in a skydive or organising a collection you can help raise money to support carers.