Help to reduce stress if you look after someone with dementia

23rd September 20

Don't Tone Alone logoIf you are a carer, particularly if you look after someone with Dementia, then you may well be interested in two online groups that have been receiving very good feedback from the carers who using them.

These group run by Don’t Tone Alone are called:

  • Mindfulness with dementia
  • Enerchi

And you can read details on each of these below. With each of the groups meeting once a fortnight there is one or the other being held every Tuesday at 2pm.

We have had really good feedback on these groups that are being supported by Carers Trust:

“The skills are very relevant to the stress and difficulties of caring. It also made me aware that dementia sufferers can really benefit too.”

“The sessions were good for improving mobility and mood. I highly recommend them. The trainer was very calming. I was impressed that he was able to help each of us through Zoom.”

Please see the information below and if you want to register please email [email protected] or call 0345 241 0954.

Mindfulness with dementia

Mindfulness with dementia Zoom sessionMindfulness with Dementia is a four-part course delivered by Don’t Tone Alone CIC that is there to help you feel less stressed and more in control of your emotions and mental well-being. The course provides carers and those they care for with tools to diffuse difficult situations, cultivate positive emotions, and reconnect with themselves and each other. The topics covered in the course involve breathing exercises and an introduction to mindfulness, anchoring, posture and mindful movement, and different ways to meditate. You can connect to the sessions via Zoom and they are ran every other week, on Tuesdays at 2pm with the next series starting on 6th October 2020.

In the video below Chris Robertson from Don’t Tone Alone explains a bit more about what is involved.


Enerchi is an exercise class that is more of a work-in than a workout. Using mindful movements taken from practices like QiGong and Tai Chi, the session helps you reconnect, re-energise, and recharge your body and mind. The sessions are highly inclusive as they involve gentle movements and last for roughly 50-minutes. (The movements are ideally performed standing but can be adapted for seated positions if necessary.) Enerchi takes place over Zoom and runs on alternate Tuesdays at 2pm.

Find out more

Chris Robertson explains more about mindfulness with dementia.