James Griffin Bursary Fund Supports Young Carers in St Neots

22nd March 16

Young Carers and Young Adult Carers supported by Carers Trust Cambridgeshire in St Neots are to benefit from a memorial fund in honour of James Griffin.

Mr Griffin died tragically at the St Neots Dragon Boat Race last year. His widow, Rebecca Griffin has donated £2,000 collected in his memory to Carers Trust Cambridgeshire. We, with the full permission of Mr Griffin’s family, created the James Griffin Bursary Fund in celebration of James’ life.

The funds will be used to support an educational bursary scheme for young and young adult carers in the St Neots area.

Applications can be made for up to £100 to support the educational needs of young carers, such as books, educational supplies, school  trips and required kit.

Mrs Griffin said, “I am really pleased the money will be spent on the bursary fund for young carers in St Neots.  It is a great way to keep James’ memory alive and for us to see the benefit the money raised will have for others.”

A Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk spokesperson, said: “To say we are overwhelmed by the generosity of the Griffin family is an understatement. The money raised in James’ memory will provide countless opportunities for young  and young adult carers in St Neots and support them in their educational endeavors.

“Carers Trust Cambridgeshire is committed to supporting young and young adult carers to achieve their aspirations and dreams  who are often economically disadvantaged due to their caring role.

This fund will go a long way to support that. We are indebted to the kindness of the Griffin family for thinking of us at this time.”

Following last year’s tragic event, the Dragon Boat Race this year is going ahead on Saturday, 20 August and Carers Trust Cambridgeshire young carers will be the recipients of the proceeds.

For information about the fund, please contact [email protected] or call 01480 499090.