Hospitals’ carer friendly award in recognition of support 

4th April 24

It’s good news for people using Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford and Rutland Hospitals. The hospitals, run by North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, have renewed their Carers Friendly Tick Award for health, and have relaunched their carers’ service.

Maria Finch, Head of Patient Experience at the trust, explains why it’s important that the service continues to offer support to unpaid carers, “Being a carer is such an important role played by people who look after a family member or friend, recognising the challenges and provide support is crucial to the service offered by NWFT. Relaunching the Carers Service has been an amazing opportunity to develop and lead a new direction. Some of the areas of focus has been, Provider Market Days, Carers Champion Training, and sharing key information on services in the local community to colleagues across the NHS… Being awarded the Carers Friendly Tick has recognised the continuing work and commitment to supporting carers.”

Unpaid carers want to be there for their relative or friend when they go into hospital and can provide health professionals with knowledge about specific care needs. Those who look after someone have the right to be involved in discharge plans that affect them.

“Carers are the real experts and know the person they care for well, including complex conditions, learning or communication difficulties or memory loss. They often know about medication, side-effects and how the patient wishes to be cared for. Sharing this key information on the family member or friend can assist staff in looking after them whilst they are at hospital.” Continues Maria.

Jill Nooij, our carer awareness and voice coordinator said, “It’s great to see North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust’s continued commitment to recognising and supporting unpaid carers of all ages. The carer Friendly Tick Award is renewed every two years, to ensure that good practice is continued and built upon so that unpaid carers remain a key focus.”

If you or your organisation would like to know more about the Carer Friendly Tick Award and how you can be given recognition for how you identify and support carers, then please see, email [email protected] or call us on 01480 499090. We would be happy to speak to you.