Digital transformation – putting people at the centre of what we do

11th December 20

At Caring Together we provide information and advice, run services in our local communities and campaign so that carers have choices.

In 2018 we recognised that, to help and support carers and the people they care for in the ways we wanted to, we needed to change.

The systems we had at that time meant that our team were not working as effectively as we wanted, and the experiences of people we supported were also being affected.

Miriam Martin, Caring Together chief executive said, “We needed to make changes and move forwards if we were going to help carers and the people they look after in the way we wanted to.

“And more importantly, we had to change to help people in the ways they want and that work best for them.”

“We knew we needed to change our whole approach to how we use technology. To work efficiently and improve our customer services we had to improve our systems and our processes.”

John Platten, digital transformation manager, said, “When I started, it was obvious that there was a huge potential within Caring Together, but we were being held back by outdated systems and inefficient processes.

“A digital refresh would allow Caring Together to deliver higher quality services and provide better support for carers.”

Caring Together is now putting this digital transformation plan into action. Our staff, carers and the people they look after are all benefiting.

Heinz Tonn, Business Medic consultant and partner has written a blog about what has happened and the changes we are continuing to make. The blog post is a ‘how-to guide’. It is written to share key lessons learned from Caring Together’s digital transformation with a focus on helping third-sector organisations and businesses.

He focusses on six specific points on our digital journey and the essential success factors relevant to us. The author hopes other organisations may find this helpful as they set out on their own digital journeys. It has six sections:

  1. Creating momentum
  2. The right professional help
  3. Compelling narratives
  4. Not jumping the gun with vendors
  5. Due diligence beyond digital
  6. Own your transformation

Please click here to download a copy of Caring Together – Becoming a digital charity in 6 steps [PDF 317kB]