Council approves revised recommendations on Fairer Contributions Policy

8th March 18

We are delighted that Cambridgeshire County Council’s Adults Committee has approved recommendations brought to them at today’s meeting (8 March 2018) on the Fairer Contributions Policy.

Today’s meeting was attended by Miriam Martin, CEO of Carers Trust Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk, along with Sandie Smith, CEO of Healthwatch Cambridgeshire & Peterborough and Sarah Conboy, CEO of Pinpoint; and also spoke about the impact to Parent Carers and the young adults they support.

Miriam commented,

“I am delighted with the decision made by councillors at their committee meeting yesterday to reject the proposals that were set to see increased charges to families for care and support. Family Carers are the invisible backbone of our health and social care system which would collapse without them. They need our support not more pressure. The committee considered the consultation responses carefully in reaching their decision which demonstrates that people do have the power and influence to challenge the council when what is proposed is just plain wrong.”

The proposals were revised as a consequence of responses received to their consultations, including a letter we sent to Councillors in early February.

The proposed recommendations were:

  • Reject Proposal One: To include the Enhanced Rate of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in the person’s income when carrying out financial assessments to establish the level of contribution towards the cost of care and support.
  • Reject Proposal Two: To assess individuals who receive short term respite accommodation under residential rules rather than community rules to determine the contribution towards the cost of the respite stay.
  • Reject Proposal Three: To charge for the appointee function (for help with running their finances) for all services users who have capital above £3,000.
  • Accept Proposal Four: To make direct debits the default method for Adult Social Care invoices issued in respect of contributions towards the cost of care and support.
  • Delegate approval of the change to the wording of the Fairer Contributions Policy, to reflect the acceptance of Proposal Four, to the Executive Director: People and Communities in consultation with the Chairwoman of the Adults Committee.