Connecting carers in the community

24th September 20

Wisbech Carers Meet up Sept 2020

Through the coronavirus crisis we have kept meeting with carers in a range of ways to ensure that they are able to stay in contact with people in ways that work for them.

As well as digital group meetings and different types of one-to-one support, when restrictions have allowed, we have had small groups of carers meeting together.

The use of digital meetings has certainly been helpful. Whatever the format of the sessions, they have been greatly appreciated and we have continued to offer a range of activities and talks including exercise and mindfulness, quizzes, guest speakers and more.

You can get involved in the programme of hubs and activities that we have coming up.

Carer adviser Arda Lavelle explained some of what is available to you, “We have received a good uptake and with new carers joining all the time, we continue to operate our sessions regularly throughout the month.

“Our virtual sessions are generally light-hearted offering a variety of guest speakers, quizzes, and general information and guidance.

“Working in partnership with an organisation called Don’t Tone Alone, online mindfulness and exercise classes have been available and we have had a good uptake for both sessions with more to follow that people can sign up for.

“Most attendees are happy just to have a chat and engage with other members, this has helped individuals feel connected and supported during these times.

“Sadly, some carers lost their loved ones during the peak of COVID. Our sessions have helped many with their feelings of isolation and loss.

“In addition to our virtual sessions we continue to support carers through regular telephone calls.

“Some carers have been linked in to our Listening Ear service for additional support.”

With restrictions easing a number of outdoor meet ups could start to happen with groups of up to six people following the appropriate guidance on distancing.

Arda continued, “We have visited many carers for one-to-one support and will continue to reach those who are struggling or isolated.

“In situations where we are unable to visit, we are offering one-to-one support via Zoom or Teams.”

Carer adviser Laura Horne added, “We are providing more informative sessions for some groups and bringing speakers as we would do if we were meeting more normally.

“But we do still know that an important part of our hubs is the social opportunity they provide. Whether it is face-to-face or digitally, they enable carers and loved ones to stay connected with each other through this very isolating time.”

Please see below for details of our virtual hubs. To find out more please email [email protected] or call 0345 241 0954

Our carer hubs

You do not need to live in the area of the group you want to join in with while we are meeting virtually, but choosing a group local to you will help you join in with its activities when we go back to meeting normally:

  • Girton – Third Tuesday of the month at 10am.
  • Great Shelford – Second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 10am.
  • Huntingdon, Ramsey, Ely, Wisbech and Peterborough – Every three weeks on a Wednesday at 10.30am – 30 September, 21 October, 11 November, 2 December, 23 December.