Coming out of hospital checklist

12th October 22

Carers UK LogoIf you’re caring for someone who’s had to go into hospital, it’s vital that you are consulted, involved and given the right information and support by health and social care professionals. This will help you look after the person safely when they leave hospital.

Carers UK have put together a simple checklist to help summarise what the discharge process is with prompts to help you know what to ask and expect.

For example, did you know that if the person you care for is going to need care when they leave hospital, the law says that, as a carer, you should be involved as early possible in the process where appropriate. You should also be asked whether you are both willing and able to start or continue caring.

The checklist breaks the discharge process down into three questions.

  • What should happen before the person I care for is discharged?
  • What should happen on the day?
  • What should happen afterwards?

Click here to download the leaflet [PDF, 96kB]


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