iPads for children with a vision impairment

26th July 21

ipads Tech for All from Guide DogsFor a limited time, the charity Guide Dogs are offering iPads to children aged 3-18 with a vision impairment, while secondary school-age children may choose an iPhone instead.

The devices have excellent accessibility features built-in, and online guides and tutorials will be provided to help them get started and to ensure that they know how to stay safe online.

The devices are completely free of charge, with the only requirement being proof of vision impairment.

Guide Dogs know how important technology is for children with a vision impairment and hope to reach as many potential beneficiaries as possible.

You can download a a copy of the Tech for All service leaflet here [PDF, 741kB].

You can also find more details of the service, including how to apply, at www.guidedogs.org.uk/techforall