Carers Trust launches new partnership with Pictures to Share to support people with dementia and their carers

2nd July 13

Pictures to Share

Carers Trust supports thousands of people who care for those with dementia, and understand how difficult this can be. Our trading arm, Carers Enterprises, has formed a new partnership which makes available products to support carers in these difficult circumstances. Pictures to Share is the leading UK specialist providing books, DVDs and pictures for people with mid to late stage dementia. These tools are designed to make communication easier, reduce boredom, depression and isolation, help deal with difficult behaviour, encourage reminiscence and provide an enjoyable activity and distraction.

When people develop dementia, they gradually lose the ability to understand and enjoy traditional books, magazines and newspapers. These become too complex and confusing because of their complicated layouts and large amounts of small print. However, people with even late stage dementia are still able to enjoy beautiful pictures and short texts presented in a clear way. Pictures to Share books help prompt meaningful conversation about a wide range of subjects, but can also be enjoyed even when the person with dementia is no longer able to talk.

Family members have found the books really beneficial;

“My Aunt now finds conversation very difficult. These books stimulated an emotional response and long buried memories and she talked more coherent sentences than she has for months.”