Your questions about homecare answered

Your questions about homecare answered

Once I have enquired about homecare what happens next?+

We will talk through your care needs and how much your private care will cost with you over the telephone. 

Providing that we are able to offer the homecare you want or require, we will then arrange for one of our experienced care team managers to come out to your home for an ‘understanding you visit. This is where we will go through an assessment of your needs and the care you would like with you in person 

How long does an ‘understanding you’ visit take?+

We allow two hours, but depending on your needs, it can be shorter or a little longer. 

We take the time to fully understand how to provide the right care for you. 

Can a family member or friend be with me for the ‘understanding you’ visit?+

Yes, of course. You are at the heart of our care planning and want you to feel as comfortable as possible. 

We understand the important role that your family plays. 

What happens next?+

Care visits will be arranged in line with your wishes and your completed care plan. Your care plan gives details of the care that we deliver for you. 

You can ask the names of the care workers that will be coming to support you and the times of the visits.  

The care will then start at a date convenient to you. 

What happens if I have an ‘understanding you’ visit and I decide that I no longer want the support?+

That is fine and you have a 14day cooling off period should you change your mind without incurring any costs. 

We can also adjust your care if your needs or situation change, just contact us to let us know. 

What happens if I need to cancel a care visit?+

Please let the care booking advisors know as soon as possible to avoid incurring a cost. We ask for at least 48 hours’ notice. 

What if I am not happy with my care and or care worker?+

If for any reason you are not happy with the service provided, please get in touch as soon as possible. We want to make sure your care is of the quality you expect. 

We have a booklet outlining how to make complaints and how they will be dealt with as well as how you can let us know that we’re doing a great job. 

Please request a copy if you would like one. 

What protective equipment do the care workers wear?+

All our care workers are equipped with visors, masks, gloves and aprons. They are fully trained and informed about the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) 

Will I have the same care worker all the time?+

We try to have a small team of care workers who between them make all your calls, this allows for our staff taking annual leave or sickness.  

Occasionally you may have a care worker that you have not met before although we do try our best to avoid this where possible. 

You can check which care worker will be making each of your care visits. 

Page last modified: 8 April 2024